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Gwen & Peter | That's so us


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    What I like about you, baby
    Is how you annoy me daily
    But you still fucking amaze me
    That's so us, that's so us
    idk when was the last time i finished a video this fast. also i should study but here i am uploading. (pls ignore how much of a mess this is. it's a mess. but a cute mess) i watched upright and milly NEEDS TO BE marvel's ghost spider. LIKE SHE HAS TO BE!! at first i wanted to use andrew's peter but i used him for hope the last time and her and tom's peter worked more well together. ALSO LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. also i love this coloring i made for this vid so much. it makes me want to lick the screen.
    the events are during nwh, and after it. since gwen is a spider too she came through the multiverse with the others, she sort of developed a crush on peter but respects his and mj's relationship. after defeating green goblin peter asks strange to erase everyone's memories of peter parker. since gwen is not a peter variant but is a spidey she still remembers peter and comes back to him. they start work together and their relationship starts to blossom. both as friends and more.
    #millyalcock #fanvidfeed #crossover #spiderman #tomholland
    fandom: Spider-Man & Upright
    song: google it
    coloring: mine.
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