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The song is just perfect for Buffy and Spike (I can't help but love you / Even though I try not to) and the vid is perfectly edited to show the push and pull between them.

spike & buffy | war of hearts


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3 months ago

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    "I can't help but be wrong in the dark..."
    [720p + headphones]
    Any questions?
    FINALLY got around to making/finishing this. This song had been in my mind for them for ages, but I was waiting until I had the episodes in better quality before I vidded them - my poor quality eps put me off making a lot of Spuffy stuff. I had planned that big "Story" vid like 2 years ago but hated my crappy footage so I only recently did it. I've had another song in mind for Spuffy for a while too, but you may not see that until next year if at all!
    My heart feels so good to be vidding these two again.I started vidding Spuffy about 5 years ago on my old YT account, and I stopped for a while because of crappy episode quality. But now they're back in my life AND I CAN'T STOP VIDDING THEM.
    Fandom: btvs
    Pairing: Spike/Buffy
    Song: War of Hearts
    Artist: Ruelle
    Coloring: All mine
    No copyright infringement intended, made purely for fun!