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Touch (3K subs)

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    "I want to feel your touch,
    I want to feel you."
    Watch in HD, small screen.
    Colouring by Sunny Vids.
    So... I've had this project in mind for a while now, because I have a thing for hands and hand touches and I've always wanted to do a video like this and then I finally found the right song just when my channel reached 3K subscribers, so I thought it could've been a good idea, celebrating this achievement by making something different than usual. I hope you'll like it!
    Couples in order of first appearance: FitzSimmons, ScarletVision, Frank x Karen, Darvey, Beth x Rio, Anne x Gilbert, New x Tina, Logan x Veronica, Peter x Olivia, Nick x June, Kim Mi-So x Lee Young-Joon, Fleabag x The Priest, Peraltiago, Anne x Ann, Elizabeth x Darcy, Anne x Wentworth, Margaret x Thornton.
    Fandoms in order of first appearance: Agents of SHIELD, MCU, The Punisher, Suits, Good Girls, Anne of Green Gables, Fantastic Beasts, Veronica Mars, Fringe, The Handmaid's Tale, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?, Fleabag, Brooklyn 99, Gentleman Jack, Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion, North & South.
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