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What I love about this Vid
Love the repetition and focus on the feat during "As I move my feet". Of course the emphasis on louder the the screaming of Kahlan is awesome

Drumming Song - Legend of the Seeker [Kahlan]

jojokersina [CLOSED]

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    oh, so.. new obsession.. yay, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! well, that's definetly a good show and it's really a pity that it'sbeen unofficially cancelled! we have to keep fighting!!!! (informations below)
    for the interpretation of this video.. well i don't really know.. It's based on Kahlan power and her feelings for Richard and how they entwine togheter.. when she's worried or defenseless she frees her power..... she can feel it as a drumming noise...=) that's mosty what this video is about... hope you enjoy...
    XF fans, don't worry, I'm not giving up on the XF... =)=)
    info for saving Legend of the Seeker: