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West Coast Rocks // Internal Movement (Multifandom)


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    Tumblr ^^
    o.O *OMG I MADE THE 2nd PLACE in grable42´s contest!* =^.^=
    This is my Entry for the
    Internal Movement Contest (IMC)
    hosted by grable42
    I really hope the Quality isnt That Screwed! because when i finally finished this video my SonyVegas wouldnt work right! ACTUALLY IT CRASHED all the time! -.-
    ormally i render my videos in WMV but after a LONG TIME of vegas CRASHING, the MPEG2 format finally worked! lol if you can use another format...then i would recommend to do so! xD because THIS video here has "just" 500 MB! xDDD
    AND my Internet acts like SH*T ( HAHA DONT ASK HOW OFTEN I TRIED TO UPLOAD in the last 7 HOURS! -.- such a PAIN IN THE ASS! -.-)
    .... whatever...
    about the video:
    I think it turned out a bit FUNNIER as i planed it to be....actually i planed on making an action video with lots of Explosions,seeker fights and some Winchester Action xD it contains even Animation Movies xD
    The Contest Rules said:
    • Must use minimal effects
    = the only effect I´ve been using was to speed up & slow down some clips to make them fit to the beat of the song =D
    it also said:
    "It can be anything from badass to humorous to emotional. The choice is up to you! Most importantly.... be creative, take risks, surprise us, and HAVE FUN with it. :)"
    and believe me when i say i had a LOT OF FUN DOING THIS! =DDD
    it pretty much reminded me at my "shut me up" video xD
    The Contest is about The Internal Movement of clips....and at the beginning i was sure that i can do this...but now I´m not sure anymore if i made it the right way D=
    so if its NOT what the contest is about then at least i hope YOU all enjoyed it anyways! because this is also my way to say
    ***THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH for 800+ subscribers =D***
    it really means a LOT to me that you guys like the stuff i do .... to be honest I´m still kinda shocked i even reached such a LOT of subs! =^.^=
    so yay THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!!!! =D
    ok enough said ^^
    I hope you enjoy watching this and arent that mad at me for not adding that much SPN or LOTS as i am about myself xD
    oh BTW about the Last scene before the credits....i just NEEDED to add at least ONE Skins Scene and i found this one actually all out of sudden while i was searching for another one xDD
    and i hope it fits "the ending smile" xDDD
    Song: West Coast Rocks
    Artist: The Glitch Mob
    The Coloring was made by CreativityinSV
    Fandoms & Movies:
    TV Shows:
    Supernatural,Legend of the seeker,TVD, NCIS,OTH,Merlin,Hellcats,Primeval,Angel,
    Animation Movies:
    The Vision of Escaflowne,Shrek 1+2, Finding Nemo,Toy Story 3, Madagaskar,
    Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children,KungFu Panda,Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi,
    princess mononoke
    Step up,Grease,kill Bill,Wild Wild West,Fantastic Four 1+2,Step up 3,Catwoman,
    Disturbia,Eagle Eye,Bad Boys 2,Mission Impossible,The Breakfast Club,
    2 fast 2 furious,Wanted,Back To The Future,Iron Man 2,Transformers,
    The Frighteners,Spiderman,She´s The Man,Step up 2,Twilight,New Moon,
    Dragonball Evolution,The Rundown (Welcome to the jungle),Constantine,I Robot,
    X-men The last stand,x-men wolverine,x-men 1+2,the 5th Element,Pitch Black,
    Sin City,Jennifers Body,The Butterfly Effect 2,The Island,Pearl Harbor,Dear John,
    Moulin Rouge,Charlie St Cloude,Percy Jackson an the lightning thief,
    Last Action Hero,Down with Love,Bad Boys,Shangai Noon,Just Friends,
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